Unit Testing Of ADF Business Components Using JUNIT

By disdiv | May 2, 2011 | 4 Comment

In every project it is required to do proper testing, such that every requirement is met. There are many type of testings done in projects like Unit testing, Regression testing, Alpha testing etc.. From developer perspective unit testing should be done properly. In java , j2ee projects we normally use JUNIT framework. There are other frameworks also to do testing.
In ADF application also we will use JUNIT to do unit testing. To use JUNIT we need JUNIT extension for JDeveloper. For testing BC4J components we need BC4J – Junit extension for JDeveloper.
In the following application we have created one ADF model project using HR schema’s Employee Table.
We have created entities, views as well as AM (named HRDemoAppModule).

First I have selected Business Components Test Suite to generate all the test fixture, test cases and test suite.
To create the suite I have selected the configuration HRDemoAppModule

It will create all the test cases. Now if we run the test suite we will see that all the tests were successful. Now I want to create my own test method . I want to test the data volume is correct or  not.  

Now as Oracle Database has 107 records. So I have added assertEquals. Do not forget to add @Test before the method under test.

The test succeeded.

In this way we can do unit testing of BC4J components such that code is bug free one.

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