Oracle WebLogic Training

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Oracle WebLogic Training

Training Start Date : 20 November 2017
Training Start Time : 1:30 AM
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Online Conference Details

Oracle Weblogic Online Training at SMC will make you understand the concepts and version difference from each release. Participants will have a feel and look on the growing technology on different cross platform where it can be implemented and integrated with other dependent middleware products. Trainers will be guided with different concept based on the current industry usage. Training would focus and ensure that the participants are comfortable with WebLogic Administration.

Who all Can Benefit From Oracle WebLogic Online Training

  • Database Administrators
  • Middleware Administrators
  • Java/J2EE Developers

Details about Oracle WebLogic Training Course Content.

1. Overview of Application server
  • Understand two tier architecture
  • Understand Multi tier architecture
  • Understand WLS architecture
2. WLS installation
  • System Requirements
  • Installation Modes
  • Installation Program on Windows
  • Installation Program on Unix
  • Trouble shooting
3. WebLogic Java components
  • Difference between jdk and jrockit
4. Understand WebLogic Server Domains
  • Domain overview
  • Domain contents
  • Domain Restrictions
  • Domain Configuration
5. Understand WLS Administration
  • Administration Console
  • Using the WebLogic lock and edit features
  • How Change Management Works
  • Dynamic and Non-Dynamic Changes
  • Administration Console Online Help
6. Configuring Servers and Machines
  • Configuring Managed Servers
  • Configuring Machines
  • Understand Node Manager
  • Deploying/Undeploying Web Applications
  • Using a Deployment Plan
  • Side-by-Side Deployment
  • Trouble shooting
7. Configuring JDBC Data Sources
  • Understanding JDBC Data Sources
  • Creating a JDBC Data Source
  • Transaction Options
  • Connection Pool Features
  • Understanding Multi JDBC Data Sources
  • Creating a JDBC Multi Data Source
8. Tuning Data Source Connection Pool
9. Overview JNDI
10. Clustering in WebLogic Server
  • Understanding WLS Clustering
  • The Architecture of Cluster and Cluster configuration and planning
  • WLS Communications in a Cluster.
  • Cluster configuration
11. Configure JMS
  • Overview of JMS
  • Overview of JMS servers and Modules
  • Configuring JMS Servers and Destinations
12. Understand Managing Users and Groups
  • Creation of Security realm
  • Install an audit provider
  • Change the password
  • Protecting Against Attacks
13. Configure Proxy Servers
14. Load Balancing in a Cluster
  • Load Balance JMS Messages
  • Load Balance JDBC Data Sources
15. Failover and Replication in a Cluster
  • How WebLogic Server Detects Failures
  • Manage HTTP Session States
  • EJB Load Balancing and Failover

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