Oracle WorkFlow Training

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Oracle WorkFlow Training

Training Start Date : 22 November 2017
Training Start Time : 1:30 AM
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Online Conference Details

Oracle WorkFlow Online Training at SMC will help you understand the Architecture and Philosophy of Oracle WorkFlow and how to build, deploy and manage WorkFlow projects. Participants will get hands on experience by building numerous WorkFlow projects. Participants will also get to understand how WorkFlow applications are deployed, monitored and tested on Oracle Applications using WorkFlow builder. Training would focus and ensure that the participants are comfortable using various WorkFlow components.


Who Can Benefit From Oracle WorkFlow Online Training

  • Oracle Forms Developers
  • ERP Professionals/Consultants
  • Web Services Developers

Detailed Course Content for Oracle Workflow Training.

1. Introduction to Oracle Workflow Training Course Content
  • Oracle Workflow Basics
  • Defining and Modifying Business Rules
  • Complete Programmatic Extensibility
  • Include users to handle activities that can’t be automated
2. Workflow Builder Overview
  • Introduction to Workflow Builder
  • Workflow Builder features
3. Overview and Defining Workflow Components
  • Item Types
  • Attributes
  • Lookup Types
  • Messages
  • Activities
  • Processes
4. Different type of activities
  • Function Activity
  • Notification Activity
  • Process Activities
5. Design a simple Workflow process using Oracle Workflow Builder
  • Drawing workflow process
  • Linking different activities
  • Sending FYI Notifications
6. Complex workflow processes
  • Sending FYA Notifications
  • Calling multiple processes
7. Different type of activities
  • Function Activity
  • Notification Activity
  • Process Activities
8. Workflow Administration
  • Testing and Monitoring Workflow Processes
  • Viewing and Responding to Notifications
  • Suspending, Skipping and rewinding Workflow Processes
9. Deploying Workflow
  • Workflow Definitions Loader
  • Oracle Workflow Builder
10. Workflow Engine
11. Workflow API’s
12. Sending Mail through Workflow
13. Attaching Binary Attachments to Workflow Notifications
14. Validating User response to Notifications
15. Using Expand Role in Notifications
16. Oracle Workflow Versioning