Read or Poll Message From JMS Queue

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In previous post, we discussed how to create JMS queue. In this post we will discuss how to poll or read message from JMS queue using JMS adapter.

Before creating JMS adapter , make sure JMS queue is there on server and soa server connection is created.

Create JMS adapter, name you adapter.


Choose “Oracle Weblogic JMS” from drop down as we are going to read message from JMS queue which is on Weblogic.

Choose SOA server connection.


Choose “Consume Message” option to read or poll the message from JMS queue.


Choose JMS queue from which we will read the message. To do that click on browse and choose your queue.


Be default JNDI name is “eis/wls/Queue”, if you are having custom JNDI then you can put it here.

Choose the schema element as the request message that will be there in JMS queue will be as per schema.



Once you complete the adapter, add BPEL process and wire it to JMS adapter.



Deploy your composite and put one message to JMS queue. You will see one instance of SOA composite.


Sample Code can be downloaded from below.



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