Oracle WebCenter Sites Training Course Content

Details for Oracle WebCenter Sites Training Course Content.

1. Oracle WebCenter sites Architecture and Interface
  •  Basic Architecture of Oracle WebCenter Sites
  •  About WebCenter Sites Terminology
  •  The WEM Admin Interface : Administration
  •  The Admin interface
  •  The Contributor Interface: Content CreationOracle ADF and JDeveloper
2. Creating and configuring a new CM site
  • Discussing User Authentication and Authorization
  • About Oracle WebCenter Sites roles
  • Users and ACLs
  •  Creating a CM site in WebCenter Sites 11g
  •  Creating users in the WEM Admin interface
  •  Creating and assigning roles in the WEM Admin interface to a site
3. Asset Model
  • Creation of Basic Assets
  •  Creation of Flex family Assets
  •  Database table associated with the Assets
  •  Page, Template, CSElement, Site Entry and other Default Asset Types
  •  Creation of Definition, Parent Child Definition
  •  Designing asset model for the Sample sites
  •  About Asset Dependencies
4. WebCenter Sites Developer Tools and Tags
  • Advantages of Oracle ADF BC
  • Oracle ADF BC Categories
  • Creating Oracle ADF Business Components
  • Business Component Browser
5. Entity Objects and Associations
  • Overview of Oracle WebCenter Tags
  •  Sites Explorer
  •  Template Creation and Integration with Eclipse
6. Attribute Editors
  • Types of Attribute Editor
7. Start Menu
8. WebCenter Sites Programming
  • Rendering models and Patterns
  •  About Template Design
  •  About Site Design Asset Types
  •  Describing WebCenter sites Variables and Lists
  •  Explaining WebCenter Sites Variables and Lists
  •  Explaining WebCenter Sites Asset API
  •  Invoking Other Templates and Elements
  •  Retrieving and Rendering Asset Data
  •  Manipulating WebCenter sites Lists
  •  Building links to Assets
  •  Rendering Images
  •  Fetching Associated Assets
  •  Building a Navigation Bar
  •  Designing of Layouts.
  •  Different types of templates
9. In Context Editing: Web Mode
  • Discussing Requirements for In-Context Editing
  •  Coding for In-Context Content Editing
  •  Coding for In-Context Presentation Editing
10. Localization of the Site
11. Lucene Search
12. Java Asset API
13. Publishing
  • Publishing Methods
  •  Explaining Approval Process
  •  Creating a New Destination for Dynamic Publishing
  •  Approving and Publishing Content Assets
14. Understanding Layout Basics
  • Oracle ADF Faces Layout Components
  • Oracle ADF Faces Skins
  • Enabling PPR
15. Revision Trackin
16. Logging