Oracle OAF Online Training

Oracle OAF Online TrainingOracle OAF Online Training at SMC will help you understand the complete Oracle OAF Development Life Cycle. It will help you understand Oracle OAF Extension and Personalization.  Participants would also get to understand Oracle Application Menus and Function Security in Oracle Applications. Our team of well qualified and certified trainers would be demonstrating numerous small examples which will help you understand the concepts of Oracle OAF like error handling, Implementing business logic and partial page rendering. Our Online Training training is specially designed to impart knowledge and skills through practical experience and would focus to ensure that the participants are comfortable using OA Framework for Extension and Personalization.

Online Training Duration : 5 Weeks

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Who Can Benefit

  • Oracle Forms Developers
  • ERP Professionals/Consultants

Detailed course content for Oracle OAF Training.

1. Introduction to Oracle Applications and OAF
  • Oracle Applications Framework
  • OAF and MVC
  • OAF Process Flow
  • More about OAF
2. JDeveloper Overview
  • JDeveloper Features
  • Building OAF Application in JDeveloper
  • Configuring JDeveloper Preferences
3. Basics of the Model
  • Understand the basics of BC4J
  • Understand an Entity Object
  • Understand a View Object
  • Understand an Application Module
4. Basics of the View
  • Understand the terminology
  • Building a basic OA Framework page
  • List of Values
  • Building Search Regions
5. Debugging OA Framework Applications
  • Using JDeveloper debugger
  • Examine Runtime variables and arguments
  • Modify Runtime variables and arguments
6. Basics of the Controller
  • Understanding OA Framework Controller
  • Enhance an OA Framework page
  • OA Framework : Message Dictionary
7. Naming Conventions and Standards
  • General Naming Rules
  • Package Naming
  • Page and Region Naming
  • Item Naming
8. Error Handling
  • Exception types and Classes
  • Bundled exceptions
  • Dialog pages
  • Debugging messages
9. Implementing Business Logic
  • Client Validations
  • Required values and Data types
  • Server Validations
  • Entity object and View object validations
10. Partial Page Rendering
  • Using Auto Submit
  • Using Partial Submit
  • Trigger and Target Components
  • Implementing Partial Page Rendering
11. Implementing Internationalization
  • Date and Timezone Internationalization
  • Number and Currency Internationalization
  • Testing Internationalization
12. Deploying OA Framework Applications
  • Creating Deployment Profiles
  • Deploying Model
  • deploying View and Controller

13. OA Framework Performance Tuning

  • BC4J and JDBC Guidelines
  • SQL Tracing
  • Monitor Connection Pool
  • OA Framework Performance Standards

14. OA Framework Personalization

  • Features of personalizations
  • Admin level personalizations
  • User level personalizations
15. OA Framework Extension
  • Types of Extension
  • Overriding Default Values
  • Override Attribute Validation

Why should you prefer learning at SMC?

  • First two topics are absolutely FREE!
  • Facilitated with Certified, Experienced and Real Time expert trainers!
  • Access to Linux server based R12 instance for 2 months to practice
  • Practice 24×7 with Real Time Development Environment during training
  • Sate of the Art Infrastructure for conducting trainings
  • Post training support via chat, email, forum available!
  • Students have Access to the recorded sessions for 6 months