Oracle APEX Online Training

Oracle APEX Online Training at SMC will allow you to learn to develop applications with Apex. It will also help you understand the Concepts and Architecture of Oracle Application Express(previously know as HTML DB).This course will cover a wide variety of tips, techniques, development practices and workflows which will not only help to increase your productivity but also assist in making your development easier and more maintainable. As part of this course participants will get hands on experience by developing two Oracle Apex Application from scratch to end. Training would focus and ensure that the participants are comfortable using APEX.

Training Duration
4 Weeks

Who Can Benefit From Oracle APEX Online Training

Oracle Forms Developers
Web Developers
Application Developers
Basic to intermediate Oracle Apex users

Details about Oracle APEX Training course Content.

1. Introduction to Oracle Application Express Online taining

  • APEX Concepts
  • APEX Main Components
  • Workspace and Create a Workspace
  • Log into APEX
  • Run an Application

2. Maintaining Database Objects Using SQL Workshop

  • Browse, create and modify database objects using Object browser
  • Execute SQL scripts using SQL Command and SQL Scripts
  • Build and save SQL queries using Query Builder
  • Import and export data using Utilities

3. Building Database Applications

  • Discuss the difference between a Database Application and a Websheet Application
  • Identify the components of a database application
  • Create a database application from a spreadsheet
  • Create a database application from scratch

4. Creating Reports

  • Identify the types of reports you can create
  • Create, manipulate and customize interactive reports
  • Create and modify classic and wizard reports

5. Create Forms

  • Identify the types of forms you can create
  • Create and modify various types of forms

6. Working with Pages and Regions

  • View and edit page definitions and attributes
  • Create and modify a region and subregion
  • Create a Page Zero
  • Add page groups and comments

7. Adding Items and Buttons

  • Identify different types of items
  • Create items and edit item attributes
  • Create and use List of Values
  • Create buttons and edit button attributes

8. Including Page Processing

  • Explain the difference between page rendering and page processing
  • Create computations in application pages
  • Create page processes
  • Create validations to verify user input
  • Create branches within a application

9. Using Application and Page Utilities

  • Use the Advisor to verify your application
  • Manage defaults using the Attribute Dictionary

10. Adding Shared Components that Aid Navigation

  • Explain the use of shared components in an application
  • Create and edit tabs, navigation bar entries, lists and breadcrumbs

11. Displaying Dynamic Content

  • Create and use a dynamic action
  • Import and use a plugin
  • Create and modify a chart
  • Create a calendar
  • Create a tree

12. Working with Themes, Templates, and Files

  • Explain what themes and templates are
  • Create and edit a template

13. Administering Application Express Workspaces

  • Create a developer and a workspace administrator user
  • Request a schema or a storage
  • Monitor the developer activity log

14. Implement Security

  • List the different ways to secure your application
  • Differentiate between authentication and authorization
  • Create an authentication scheme for your application
  • Create an authorization scheme using Access Control
  • Enable and configure Session State Protection

15. Deploying Your Application

  • Identify the supporting objects for your application
  • Export an application and its supporting objects
  • Import an application
  • Install the supporting objects

16. Managing and Maintaining the Application Development Process

  • Track Features, Milestones, Bugs and To Dos
  • Manage Feedback

17. Building Tabular Forms

  • Manually Creating Tabular Forms
  • Validation in Tabular Forms
  • Working with Collections

18. Managing Application Development

  • Backing up Applications
  • Using the Build Option
  • Translating Applications (Globalization)
  • Leveraging the Apex Dictionary
  • Managing Apex from SQL Developer
  • Application Packaging
  • Monitoring Performance

Why should you prefer learning at SMC?

First two classes are absolutely FREE!
Facilitated with Experienced and Real Time expert trainers!
Course Content illustrated with numerous examples
Two way interactive mode
Post training support via chat, email, forum available!
Online help is provided – we attend to your every query
Students have the option to record the session

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