Oracle AIA Online Training

Oracle AIA Online Training

Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g is the number one application infrastructure foundation. It enables enterprises to create and run agile and intelligent business applications and maximize IT efficiency by exploiting modern hardware and software architectures. In this course, you will learn how to quickly develop applications using AIA that run on Oracle Fusion Middleware. They learn how to accelerate their SOA application development by using AIA. This course focuses on both the AIA architecture and building AIA artifacts. You learn about the AIA development lifecycle, Enterprise Business Objects (EBOs), Enterprise Business Services (EBSs), functional decomposition, and integration.

Training Duration

4 Weeks

Who Can Benefit

Application Developers
SOA Architect
ERP Professionals/Consultants
Java/J2EE Developers

Detailed course content for Oracle AIA Training.

1. Introduction to Oracle AIA Training Course Content

  • Reviewing SOA
  • Describing AIA Architecture
  • Discussing supporting products

2. AIA Core Concepts

  • About Enterprise Business Objects (EBOs)
  • About Enterprises Business Messages (EBMs)
  • About Enterprises Business Services (EBSs)
  • About Application Business Connector Services (ABCS)
  • Accessing AIA Artifacts

3. AIA Development Lifecycle

  • Discussing Business Process Modeling & Functional Decomposition
  • About Service Construction
  • Discussing Deployment Plan Generation
  • Installation and Deployment

4. Creating Application Business Connector Services

  • Designing an ABCS
  • Creating an ABCS using the Service Constructor
  • Completing ABCS Development

5. Enterprise Mediation

  • Discussing EBM Structure
  • EBS in depth
  • Implementing an EBS

6. Harvesting AIA Composites

  • Overview on Harvesting
  • About AIA’s usage of Oracle Enterprise Repository

7. Deploying AIA Integration Projects

  • Overview on Deployment
  • Generating the Bill of Material (BOM)
  • Deploying and Installing Services

8. Extending the AIA Enterprise Object & Service Libraries

  • Extending EBOs, EBMs and EBSs
  • Creating new EBOs, EBMs, and EBSs

9. Implementing Message Exchange Patterns & Guaranteed Message Delivery

  • About Message Exchange Patterns in Services
  • About Transactions
  • About Guaranteed Message Delivery
  • About Publish/Subscribe Pattern

10. AIA Error Handling and Logging

  • Discussing Error Handling Framework
  • About Error Notification
  • About Fault Policies
  • About Error Handling Extensibility
  • About Error and Trace Logging

11. Extending Application Business Connector Services

  • About ABCS Extensibility
  • Extending an ABCS

12. Developer Tools

  • Overview of AIA Developer Tools
  • About XSL Mapping Analyzer (XMAN)
  • About PIP Audito

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