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Oracle BPM Training

Training Start Date : 23 November 2017
Training Start Time : 1:30 AM
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Oracle BPM Online Training at SMC teaches you how to simulate,implement,play,deploy and monitor business processes with appropriate real time examples. In this session of tutorial you also learn the methodology of creating real time BAM dashboards,editing/updating of business rules at run time,sample analytics data viewing,analyse process workload.Trainers would ensure you understand the concepts of Oracle BPM Life Cycle in depth.

Who Can Benefit from Oracle BPM Online Training

Business Analysts

Detailed Course Content for Oracle BPM Training.

1. Architectural Overview
  • Components of OBPM
  • Working with Studio
2. Building the Basic Process
  • Introducing Processes
  • Using Studio to Model a Process
  • The Anatomy of a Process
3. OBPM Flow Elements
  • BPM Modeling Elements
  • Activities
  • Events
  • Gateways
  • Global Activities
  • Artifacts
4. Using Variables
  • Overview of Variables Within an OBPM Process
  • Scopes and Types of Variables
  • Mapping Variables
5. Process Business Language (PBL) Basics
  • Language Basics
  • Interacting with Users
  • Control Flow
  • Transition Logic
  • Debugging Your Code
6. Using Roles and Participants
  • Organization Basics
  • Organizational Elements
7. Using the WorkSpace to Test a Process
  • Overview of the WorkSpace
  • WorkSpace Panels and Settings
  • The Effect of Roles and Permissions in the WorkSpace
  • Using the WorkSpace to Test a Process
8. Building Screenflows
  • Overview of Screenflows
  • Creating a Screenflow
  • Mapping Data To and From a Screenflow
9. Using BPM Objects
  • Introducing BPM Objects
  • Using Object Attributes, Methods, and Presentations
  • Creating a BPM Object
  • Creating a Presentation
  • Creating a BPM Object Containing a Group
  • Displaying and Testing
  • Using Submit and Cancel Effectively
10. Using Split and Multiple Gateways
  • Overview of the Split-Join Circuit
  • Creating a Split Gateway
  • Releasing Copies
  • Overview of the Multiple-Join Circuit
  • Creating a Multiple Gateway
  • Multiple Gateway Performance Issues
11. Using Subprocesses
  • Calling a Subprocess
  • Creating a Subprocess
  • Using Dynamic Subprocesses
  • Creating a Dynamic Subprocess
12. Handling Exceptions: the Basics
  • OBPM Exception Handling
  • Working With Exceptions
  • Exception Handler Flows
13. Integrating Database Components
  • Database Integration: The Mechanics
  • Working with Embedded SQL
  • Displaying Database Data
14. Coding Dashboards
  • Overview of Dashboards
  • Coding Dashboards
  • Creating Drill Down Dashboards
  • Server-Side/Client-Side Issues

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