Integrating Oracle SOA Suite with BAM

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In this post, we will tell you different ways to connect BAM from Oracle SOA Suite. As we know BAM is used mainly for monitoring purpose so we can monitor our service at composite level or at BPEL level.

There are different ways to connect to BAM from Oracle SOA to monitor composite.

  • Oracle BAM Adapter
  • Activity sensors and Sensor Action

1.)  Directly send message to BAM Data Object

2.) Send Message to JMS Queue, Database etc and configure EMS etc in BAM to read the message.

We will discuss above options one by one.

 Oracle BAM Adapter

Oracle BAM adapter is used at composite level; we can add BAM Adapter in External References and configure it.

We need Data Object and JNDI name which should be configured to connect to BAM server at runtime.

We can perform below operations with BAM adapter

  • Insert
  • Update
  • Delete
  • Upsert


Sensors and Sensor action

When we want to monitor BPEL activates then we use Sensors and Sensor actions. We can create below two types of Sensor.

  • Variable Sensor: It is used to monitor the variable value.
  • Activity Sensor: It is used to monitor Activities present in BPEL.

Sensor actions are used to publish sensor data into existing data objects on an Oracle BAM Server.

Sensor Actions works in two ways.

BAM Sensor Action (Directly send data to BAM Data Object):

BAM sensor action is used when we directly send data to BAM Data Objects. While configuring this action we can choose the Data Object, operation and map the required field to Data Object Fields.




Sensor Action:

In this action we send data to available options and do configuration in BAM to fetch that data from that option and send that message to Data Object.





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